Meet our Team: Mr. Rami Ibrahim, Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Mr. Rami Ibrahim is currently Founder and Director at Orbofleet Space – Business Consulting Services based in Strasbourg, France. He has around 14 years of experience in Satellite, Space and Ground segments. He is also Initiator of OrboEdu for Research and Awareness Program and a Mentor at Space Generation Advisory Council based in Vienna, Austria.

In 2018, He obtained his Master’s Degree in Space Studies from the International Space University in France. He also worked with SES Networks under the department of the Satellite Systems Performance and Engineering based in The Hague, Netherlands.

In 2013, He worked as Business Development and Project Manager, Satellite Communications at Saudi Net Link Co. in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, and with the Satellite Support Group at Saudi Aramco Company – Oil/Gas and Maritime sector.

We are glad to welcome Mr. Rami Ibrahim as Chief Innovation Officer at Tod’Aérs – Transparent Organization for Aeronautics and Space Research.