In the Spotlight: the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tod’Aérs, Rania Toukebri, awarded the 2021 Space Pioneer Award

The Space Generation Advisory Council – in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications (UN SGAC), has awarded the 2021 Space Pioneer Award, to Rania Toukebri, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tod’Aérs – Transparent Organization for Aeronautics and Space Research.

Rania Toukebri is currently Mentor on the Space4Women Program at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) based in Vienna, Austria. She is also Ph.D Candidate in Quantum Technology & Data Security. For the past years, She has been part of several workshops and was a guest speaker in multiple SGAC, IAF, space foundation, ICESCO, IEEE, FinTech, African Union (AUC), ISU and UNOOSA events all over the world.

Rania Toukebri has been part of several projects on earth observation, planetary defense and space exploration for the European Space Agency (ESA). Among them: HERA, Jupiter Icy Moons Satellite, Biomass satellite, Plato Project, Met-Op C satellite, En-Map satellite and one non ESA project: Kompsat7 satellite (South Korean).

Rania Toukebri declared: “Raising awareness in a region that doesn’t consider space as a priority and doesn’t recognize space application benefits is extremely hard […] What we mainly needed to establish in Africa through SGAC was education and mentoring […] We need to create the capacities that will solve environmental and economic issues in the African region using space technology. I plan to extend and improve the network of youth in Space. The aim is to promote space applications, gender balance for a sustainable space sector […] Space culture is now more considered after the big space exploration projects, Musk and Bezos ambitions but mainly because Space applications could solve major issues in Africa and are linked to the sustainable development goals. The 2063 Agenda and 2030 Program of SDGs considered earth observation satellites, navigation and Positioning, communication satellites as well as astronomy and science. “

We are honored to have such amazing people onboard Tod’Aérs – Transparent Organization for Aeronautics and Space Research.

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Tod’Aérs Admin Team